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CUBE 200 & CUBE 400

Winner of the German Design Awards 2020

Luftpolsterfolien und Maschinen: Packstation zum Verarbeiten der Luftpolster

Using the outstanding solutions of AIRWORKS, you will receive the ideal combination of air-cushion-films and machines for inflating air-pillows.

AIRWORKS is a trademark of Hanns Loersch GmbH & Co. KG in Straelen, Germany.
Founded in 1963, the family-owned company offers innovative machines and air cushion packaging for safer transports. Made in Germany!

So why should you take a closer look at the AIRWORKS solutions – and why are your customers going to see and feel the difference?

AIRWORKS’ packaging solutions are perfectly attuned, increasing packaging efficiency, saving resources, raising shipping quality, and decreasing reclamations due to damaged goods.

The most significant benefits of using AIRWORKS solutions:

  • Dropping transport costs due to massive weight reduction
  • Decreasing maintenance and service intervals due to the optimal fit of the machines and air-pillow films
  • The optimized protection of your goods will result in declining complaints and damage-associated costs
  • Reduced need for packaging material
  • Increased brand awareness


Years family owned

Months warranty


Made in Germany

Air-pillows and machines: For an optimized shipping and packaging process

The AIRWORKS packaging solutions are the ideal solution for safe and cost-effective transports.

You will significantly benefit from the won flexibility, combined with the provided stability of the AIRWORKS air-pillows.


With the flexible, firm, and lightweight AIRWORKS packaging solutions, your goods will arrive safer than ever before.

Luftpolster mit Aufdruck von Airworks - Luftpolsterfolien und Maschinen

Air-cushion machine

Flexible and portable devices wherever you need them. For the optimal inflation of your air-pillows.

Cirrus 80 Luftpolstermaschine von Airworks - Luftpolsterfolien und Maschinen

AIRWORKS Solutions

Maximize your packaging and shipping efficiency.

Airworks Packstation für Luftpolsterverpackung - Luftpolsterfolien und Maschinen

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If a safe and cost-effective transport of your products and goods is essential for you and your customers, AIRWORKS air cushions offer a whole range of benefits for your business.

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