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Air-pillow films from AIRWORKS

Lightweight and stable air-pillows for safe packaging and shipping.

AIRWORKS air-cushion films are durable, lightweight, and extremely stable

The high quality and the unique material structure of the AIRWORKS air cushion films is due to an in-house development based on HDPE. The innovative design offers a remarkable high load capacity with a wide range of application possibilities.

Feature: Using AirStop technology, we ensure that only the films’ inner sides merge, maintaining the stable material structure on the outsides. The result is an airtight and uniquely smooth weld. The strong air-pillow or bubble wrap can withstand a static load of approx. 150kg! We also offer a heavy film that can withstand even static loads of approximately 300 kg for heavy products.

This innovative development also has a positive effect on filling air-cushions. The AIRWORKS machines contain hardly any wearing parts and are therefore nearly maintenance-free. The result is lower maintenance costs and a reduction of downtimes.

Luftpolsterfolien von Airworks. Belastbar bis zu 300kg.

Air-pillows offers clear advantages for your packaging.

Luftpolsterfolien: Einfach in der Handhabung

Easy to use

Handling the pillow-roll and machine is truly a child’s play – and requires hardly any storage space. Depending on your requirements, you can equip several packing stations with a high-performance machine – or individually – with several small devices.

Luftpolster sorgen für Just-In-Time-Effizienz

Just-in-time efficiency

The use of air-pillows eliminates expensive storage and transport costs. The reason being: you can produce air-pillows exactly when and where they are needed.

Luftpolsterfolien sind sicher, sauber und bequem in der Anwendung

Air cushions are safe, clean, and convenient to use

Air cushions are clean and convenient to process – not only for your packaging team. Your products will also reach your customers safer and free of dust or foreign objects. Another benefit: There are no clinging packaging chips or styrofoam residues that you need to dispose of.

Luftpolsterfolien sind umweltfreundlich

Air-pillows are environmentally friendly

Surprise: Air-cushions’ total volume shrinks to only 1 percent of the initial size during disposal, making them even more environmentally friendly than many other packaging materials. Additionally, the USED HDPE film can be recycled very easily.

Luftpolsterfolien erhöhen Ihre Flexibilität

Air-pillows increase your flexibility

Air-pillows are available in many sizes that will fit almost all packaging needs. The simple change of a film roll is sufficient to adapt to any new packaging requirement.

Luftpolsterfolien reduzieren Ihre Transportkosten

Air-pillows considerably reduce transport costs

Air-pillows are made mostly out of air, making them nearly weightless. Compared to other packaging materials, this will have a positive effect on your transport costs.

Luftpolsterfolien schützen Ihre Produkte besser als alternative Verpackungsmaterialien

Air cushions protect your products better than alternative packaging materials

Compared to traditional packaging materials, air-pillows protect your products better from transport damages. AIRWORKS offers you film thicknesses that can even withstand a static load of up to 300kg. Just imagine a piano standing on your toes.

Auf Luftpolsterfolien steht Ihre Marke im Vordergrund

Focussing on your brand

Your customer receives a neat package and will link this feeling to your brand.

Die antistatisch ausgerüsteten Luftpolsterfolien werden von Airworks extrudiert und verarbeitet.


With the CIRRUS series, AIRWORKS offers a wide range of air-pillow-films suitable for any packaging application.

The antistatic equipped air-pillows-films are extruded and processed by AIRWORKS. They are available in select, standard, strong and heavy in different sizes, suiting almost any packaging requirement.

Of course, CIRRUS air cushions are recyclable. At AIRWORKS, the idea of environmental protection has long been part of our corporate culture.

AIRWORKS air-pillows

The right air-pillow for your application

Air cushion films for filling packaging

Luftpolsterfolien zum Füllen von Verpackungen

Protect your products when shipping. Air cushions are ideal for filling unused storage space to protect your sensitive goods and equipment from shocks and shocks. Since air cushions contain only air, there is hardly any additional weight for shipping. A simple solution that saves you additional transport costs.

Air cushion films for wrapping and protection during shipping:

Luftpolsterfolien zum Wickeln schützen beim Versand

Optimally wrapped and packaged, even shock-sensitive goods arrive safely at your destination. Depending on weight and shock sensitivity, insert the most suitable AIRWORKS wrap and packaging pads.
This way, even fragile equipment or even bottles will arrive safely at your customers.

Antistatic air-pillows:

Antistatische Luftpolsterfolien

AIRWORKS antistatic air cushions ensure the transport of sensitive devices and components. They protect against impacts and static charging.

This way, boards, computer parts, drives, hard drives, or similarly sensitive products arrive at your customers safely and securely. All this with the least use of packaging material.

Bio-based air-cushion films will protect the environment and your goods:

Bio Luftpolsterfolien zum Schutz der Umwelt und Ihrer Waren

The compostable biofoil air-pillow-films are attracting increasing interest. Many film manufacturers give their products the addition “green” or “compostable.”

Since it is often unclear which properties are given, we would suggest to contact us directly.