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Airworks Air pillow machines 

The perfect combination of machines and air pillow films for your shipping.

Luftpolstermaschinen vonAirworks. Für jede Verpackungssituation die richtige Kombination.

Airworks machines: the perfect device for your packaging purpose.

The CIRRUS series’s air-pillow machines are ideally adaptable to any packaging situation, offering solutions ranging from small internet retailers to large logistics companies. This high flexibility provides you with an optimal price-performance ratio.

But there are further advantages when using Airworks devices for the inflation of air-cushions:

Made of metal AIRWORKS machines are tough and durable. Filling degrees and welding temperatures are also freely adjustable. But there is more to the AIRWORKS machines: They are optimally matched with the air cushions, reducing maintenance costs and downtime.

Airworks Air-pillow machines

NEW at AIRWORKS – innovative air pillow machines:

CUBE 200 and CUBE 400 are two incredibly innovative and powerful air cushion machines. If you value intuitive operating comfort, high flexibility, and outstanding machine design, then you will find your machine here … 

CIRRUS Maxx Luftpolstermaschine
CIRRUS Luftpolstermaschine von Airworks. Von der kleinen Verpackungslösung bis zur Konzernlösung.

The CIRRUS Vario is a high performance air pillow machine for industrial Usere with a high volume need.


CIRRUS Maxx Luftpolstermaschine
CIRRUS Maxx Luftpolstermaschine von Airworks

Do you need more power for large pillow wraps? In this case, the CIRRUS Maxx is the ideal machine for you. It can process CIRRUS films with a width of up to 400 mm. Perfect if you are looking for maximum power.

Luftpolstermaschinen und Systemlösungen von Airworks

Packaging System: solutions for the optimal packaging process

An efficient packaging process saves money, reduces working hours, and ensures a smooth operation. That’s why Airworks has developed system solutions that can be adapted to your modular needs, increasing packaging speed, enhancing packaging quality, and minimizing the use of resources.

Learn more about how Airworks solutions can increase the efficiency of your packaging.

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