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Airworks Solutions

Solutions for an efficient packaging process for an extra boost in productivity.

Flexible and modular packaging system solutions from Airworks

The modular design of the AIRWORKS solutions enables a wide range of combinations of air-cushioning machines and packaging systems that can be upgraded to a fully automated multi-user structure.

This flexibility and perfectly matched solutions allow you to quickly and modularly adapt your AIRWORKS system to new circumstances and challenges.

Airworks Solutions:

CIRRUS Twister | CIRRUS Portable | CIRRUS Flexible | CIRRUS Docking Station | CIRRUS Station | CIRRUS System

Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand
Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand
Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand

CIRRUS Portable: Pack when- and wherever you want.

With the rollable machine platform, all the CIRRUS series’ air-cushioning machines can be rolled to any location where there currently is a need for efficient packaging. Thanks to the optionally mobile containers’, the CIRRUS air cushioning inflation machines can satisfy the need for multiple packing stations with filled air cushions. All at the same time!

 Additionally, the electronic counters for the CIRRUS80, CIRRUS 160 and CIRRUS Maxx will automize the containers’ filling process. Once the preset quantity of air cushions has been reached, the machines will turn off, allowing the automated filling of containers. Saving time and simplifying workflows.

CIRRUS Twister

Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand

Automatic winding unit

The CIRRUS Twister is an automatic winding unit for AIRWORKS air cushion chains, enabling an automatic upholstery and winding for comfortable transport.

How does it work?

It wraps the air cushion chain into a handy and readily transportable winding. Once the desired winding size of air cushions is reached, the sensor-control device will automatically stop. By merely adjusting the sensor, you can determine the desired winding diameter yourself.

The CIRRUS Twister can process air cushions with a 300-400 mm width, allowing you to supply your packing sections with pre-produced air cushions. Besides this, the CIRRUS Twister can also be connected to the CIRRUS Maxx through the sensor input.

Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand
Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand

CIRRUS Flexible: fully automatic and mobile!

The CIRRUS Flexible is a fully automatic and mobile unit that enables efficient and ergonomic work. Air cushion films are delivered in a chain from above into the packaging container, allowing your employees to have both hands free. The built-in photo sensor controls will ensure that the box containing the air-cushions will be filled automatically.

Boosting work efficiency:

The air cushion stock will be sufficiently filled without the use of a start/stop switch. Mounted on wheels, the CIRRUS Flexible has a pull-out and swivel upholstery guide allowing the packaging solution to quickly adapted to any situation.

The CIRRUS Flexible is available with two different width upholstery designs and can process all CIRRUS air cushion film formats.

A brush on the foil guide prevents the air cushion chain from slipping. The CIRRUS Flexible can be combined with a CIRRUS 80, CIRRUS 160, or CIRRUS Maxx.

CIRRUS Docking Station.

The CIRRUS Docking Station is a compact and fully automatic solution for an air-cushion supply of multiple packing stations.

The rolling boxes of the CIRRUS Docking Station allow an easy supply of air cushions to the different packaging areas. CIRRUS Docking Station fills the collection container sensor-controlled, eliminating the need to operate a start/stop switch. If necessary, the full collection container is exchanged for an empty one. The air cushions’ production starts fully automatically and stops as soon as the collection container is filled. Thus, there is always a sufficient supply of air cushions avoiding waiting time. The CIRRUS Docking Station is delivered with at least two collection containers and can be expanded with additional boxes.

Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand
Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand
Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand

CIRRUS Station – the pneumatic conveying unit

The pneumatic conveying unit CIRRUS Station turns a simple packing table into an adapted and integrated packing station. The ergonomically arranged collection container allows the easy and efficient removal of the air cushions. Three practical removal flaps offer the supply of one or two additional workstations.

The fully automatic system regulates the collection container’s filling and ensures that sufficient air cushions are available for packaging.

Another clear advantage: The system can easily be adapted to new requirements.

With a horizontally extended channel, the CIRRUS station can be extended to up to four packing stations. Additional options enable process optimization from an ergonomic point of view.

The CIRRUS station can be combined with the CIRRUS 80, CIRRUS 80/400 and CIRRUS 160 air cushion machines and is available with two-channels for different upholstery widths. The change of air-pillow-roles is also quick and easy: The machine can be easily turned to the side with a simple click to replace the films.

Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand

CIRRUS System – for maximum productivity

The CIRRUS System offers ergonomic workplace design for the entire packing line. An optimal workflow and the avoidance of time-consuming processes portray this fully automatic multi-seat packaging system ensuring maximum productivity.

The hanging arrangement allows for space-saving installation. The entire CIRRUS system can quickly be installed at your packaging site. Like all CIRRUS machines and modules, it is easy to use and nearly maintenance-free.

The CIRRUS system has a modular design and can be integrated into your existing processes. The individual components are designed according to the Airworks modular principle.

Airworks Systemlösungen für einen sicheren und optimalen Versand

The CIRRUS System:

  1. The integrated CIRRUS machine can be equipped with 1,000 m rollers if required reducing the number of role changes during the packaging process.

  2. The CIRRUS EasyCut cutting device delivers the air cushion chains to your specifications, ready-made in the transport channel.
  3. The pneumatically operated and custom-made transport channel is made of anodized aluminum.
  4. The ergonomically arranged collection containers reduce unproductive paths and can supply up to four packing stations with air cushion foils. Photosensors ensure the fully automatic refilling of the boxes. There is no need to manually tear off the air cushion chains, and the cartons’ filling is reduced.
  5. For further optimization, the packing tables can be supplemented with additional equipment, such as scales or printers.