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Hanns Loersch

In 1963 Hanns Loersch started into the photo industry selling slide frames and a little later founded Hanns Loersch GmbH & Co. KG. This was followed by the in-house development and manufacturing of slide frames and framing machines. The Quickpoint brand was born and developed to the third largest manufacturer in the world. Initially based in Hüls the company moved 1972 to the current location in Straelen, Germany. In 1978 a branch in Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA was added.

When engineer Hanns Loersch was annoyed about the inadequate packaging for his slide frames in the nineties, the company quickly developed air cushion. The first foils were on the market that already contained the basic structures of the air cushions on the roll. Using these pre-manufactured rolls, the technology of the end-user machines could be significantly simplified. Smiled at it in the beginning it has been an innovation that is standard today. With the significant growth of digital photography, the company’s focus increasingly shifted to packaging systems. 40 years of experience in special machine construction helped at that point. Today Hanns Loersch GmbH & Co.KG is the only company in the world that develops and produces both air cushion machines and air cushion films. The result is perfectly matched, high quality and reliable air cushion products. The final move away from the photo business finally started with  a realignment of Hanns Loersch GmbH & Co.KG in 2009. LPack became Airworks – with a refined product range and a unique principle: AirStop.

QuickPoint, was one of the world’s largest manufacturers of plastic slide frames and machines at the time of filming. QuickPoint is a proud part of our company history. In the meantime, however, we have specialized in air-based packaging solutions for many years. We have therefore canceled the QuickPoint product line and no longer support it. We hope for your understanding and thank you for a lot of long and pleasant business relationships from the QuickPoint time.

As a traditional company, we have been continuing to expand our air cushion packaging systems with a new brand since September 2009: the previous LPack became Airworks. Airworks does air cushion films and machines as well as systems at the highest quality level. Everything from a single source – optimally coordinated and on a highest level efficient. With Airworks, the international potential of the products was given a modern face. We also want to show that we are the only manufacturer that specializes 100% in air cushion packaging. Do you have questions about older products such as CM 20 Mini, CM 45, CM 80, CM 80 OS, CM 120, CM 150, CM 150-400, CM 150 OS or CM 150 OSC? Please feel free to contact us!